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Coal Seam Sealing Device

coal seam water injection with sealing device
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FKSS type coal seam water injection hole sealing device for the coal seam water injection moisture to enter the coal body, part of the gas release, reduce the gas content of coal, water injection to achieve the effect, reduce dust more than 80%, improve the working environment, prevent the dust explosion accidents, can also be wet coal, prevention of coal spontaneous combustion, high pressure water injection, broken coal, reduce the explosive, reduce costs, and increase the sense of the safety of the workers, coal seam water injection hole sealing device breaking coal utilization, can effectively prevent the gas outburst and explosion. The structure of FKSS type coal seam water injection sealing hole is simple, it is easy to use, simple, safe and reliable, and can be used repeatedly, it is the ideal equipment of coal seam water injection.


Relevant technical standard of sealing hole for water injection in coal seam

1, the shape size and allowable deviation (unit: mm)




Outside diameter

nside diameter

Applicable aperture







Type test

Inspection items

Technical   requirements

Free expansion outside diameter

The sealing hole is injected into the   design working pressure, and the free expansion outside diameter of the   device is measured to be 76-90mm.

Sealing performance

The sealing device in the maximum design   work under the pressure of 1.1 times, to maintain 5min, no leakage and other   damage

Minimum burst pressure

The sealing device is put into the tube,   flush to the minimum burst pressure of 24MPa, 5min, unruptured.

Seal Kong Li

Hole sealing device into the seal one end   of the steel pipe, is connected with a hydraulic device, pressure to seal   hole packer design working pressure of the upper limit value, keep 3 min   after start timing and to determine the initial position, the time to 10min,   the displacement record value should be less than or equal to 5mm.

Flame retardant property

Burning time and burning time of Mars is   less than or equal to 30S

Electric conductivity

1 * 108 omega value is less than or equal   to the arithmetic average surface resistance.