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Chengdu machinery manufacturing chamber of Commerce delegation delegation to Jiangsu, Changzhou investigation

Update Time:2016-12-12 22:32:57

Recently, Chengdu City Machinery Manufacturing Industry Chamber of Commerce delegation to Jiangsu Changzhou, Wujin, visit the development situation of Hutang chamber of Commerce, the town of Hutang city town planning and construction as well as Guomao group and other machinery manufacturing industry, and the town of Hutang chamber of Commerce signed a friendly commerce cooperation agreement.

Chengdu city machinery manufacturing industry association was founded in July 2009, the chamber of Commerce since its inception, vigorously for member companies to build a shared platform for the development of mutual learning and communication, coordination, distinctive advocate innovative ideas, try to be the first member of the enterprise, actively encourage members please come in and go out, make full use of the chamber of Commerce of high quality resources, the internal and external cooperation to build, hold together to create the mechanical manufacturing industry in western regions China heights.

Jiangsu Guomao reducer Limited by Share Ltd is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading of two business development, the Group Chairman said. Through continuous technological innovation drive and a full range of Lean quality improvement, the primary goal is to 2020 Kunishige, become a world-class expert drive.