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Doosan ranked blue book on corporate social responsibility 2016 engineering machinery manufacturers first

Update Time:2016-12-12 22:31:47

Recently, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of corporate social responsibility "first Chinese hundred social responsibility corporate social responsibility forum and the 2016 conference held in Beijing blue book" success. Doosan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Doosan (China)) ranked first in machinery and equipment manufacturing.

"Corporate social responsibility" in the blue book (2016), machinery and equipment manufacturing industry average index was 39.6 points, in the evaluation of the electric power, banking, Internet banking platform mechanical equipment manufacturing and other 16 key industries ranked sixth, the overall industry social responsibility for the development of the two star level, in the initial stage. Among them, Doosan (China) to 84.3 points ranked first in machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, in the development stage of the five stars, reaching the level of leadership in the field of social responsibility.

Doosan set up the CSR strategic system including CSR goals, tasks, 3 strategic directions, the top 7 CSR key topics. Doosan group (Chinese) to social responsibility strategy as a guide, follow the development trend of corporate social responsibility Chinese, formulate and implement the three step strategic planning; enrich the communication with stakeholders, and actively respond to stakeholder expectations; constantly improve the social responsibility index system, assessment and evaluation of social responsibility various departments and enterprises to implement; theory and closely follow the development trend of corporate social responsibility, learning from the excellent corporate social responsibility management and practice experience, to promote the development of their own social responsibility undertaking.