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Intelligent manufacturing planning 13th Five-Year released soon seven related field station on the air

Update Time:2016-12-12 22:31:05

The world of intelligent manufacturing meeting held on December 6th, intelligent manufacturing "13th Five-Year" development plan released soon. According to earlier media reports, the planning and implementation of programs focus on "Wusanwushi" key tasks that capture five key technical equipment, intelligent manufacturing three tamp foundation, foster the promotion of five new models of intelligent manufacturing, to promote the ten key areas of intelligent manufacturing equipment integration, continue to promote the traditional manufacturing industry intelligent transformation, lay a solid the basis for the construction of China's manufacturing industry in the new competitive advantage, build a manufacturing powerhouse.

The general assembly to "make smarter" as the theme, including the 1 Summit Forum, 8 thematic forum, 1 World Exhibition of intelligent manufacturing and 8 special activities in the field, is held for the first time such a high-level meeting. During the conference, the Ministry will release the national "intelligent manufacturing" 13th Five-Year "development plan".

The conference focused on the development of intelligent manufacturing direction of the world, analysis of intelligent manufacturing trends, for the practical application of the manufacturing sector. The forum, in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and other countries think tank will be responsible for the exchange of national intelligent manufacturing strategy, roadmap and development prospects of cooperation, the world's top 500 leading enterprises responsible person to share the intelligent manufacturing innovation and practice experience, the global political research field of important guests will discuss how to work together to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing. Thematic forum, experts from all walks of life from 8 aspects solutions, advanced technology, business model, industry application, information security, industrial cluster, standardization, industrial transformation, the current international intelligent manufacturing of the most important areas of common concern and the focus of the direction of seminar.