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Help mechanical manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the transformation

Update Time:2016-12-12 22:28:46

In November 23rd, I Sanyou science and technology information development company in Kingdee software (China) Limited company, held the Baijiantan Internet plus wisdom factory best practice forum, power petrochemical park machinery manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the transformation of intelligent manufacturing process.

As the forum support unit, Kingdee K/3 marketing director WISE Xiao Xiangtie published "Internet plus wisdom factory practice" keynote speech at the forum, on how to promote information technology to the intelligent transformation of highly integrated and flexible and intelligent manufacturing automation, the exchange and discussion and the participants of the petrochemical park more than and 40 machinery manufacturing enterprises responsible person.

In recent years, with the industrial Internet, 4, 2025 Chinese made a series of policies issued, China's manufacturing industry has entered the era of intelligent wisdom factory embrace, as an important carrier of intelligent manufacturing, has become a hot topic in the domestic manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading.

It is understood that the Kingdee software (China) Co. Ltd. is the information technology in the field of domestic enterprises experts, with the knowledge and experience of factory management. The company began the development of Advantech, networking and intelligent industrial production from 2009, the wisdom of plants from vision to reality, the wisdom of the new factory solutions, through the production of devices connected to the ERP system, realized the information system and the intelligent industrial equipment of the depth of integration, improve the enterprise production capacity and management efficiency.

Promote intelligent manufacturing is becoming a consensus of more and more enterprises in our city, but there are still many companies on the meaning of intelligent manufacturing, in line with the enterprise's own path is very vague. The Petrochemical Park (Baijiantan District) business Commission deputy director Du Min said that this forum is not only invited to the forefront of smart Kingdee software with factory management and practical experience of corporate direction for everyone, and to discuss the local information technology enterprises Baijiantan District Sanyou and petrochemical park more than and 40 machinery manufacturing enterprises, it can be said is opening a brainstorming for intelligent manufacturing.

We work together to jointly organized the forum of Kingdee software, hope that the advanced idea and successful experience to walk in the forefront of the domestic Internet plus wisdom factory practice of enterprises, promote the city machinery manufacturing enterprises launched intelligent manufacturing brainstorming, intelligent manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the transformation. Company chairman Wang Cilan said.

It is understood that, as one of the six bases in our city Petrochemical Park manufacturing industry base has an annual output value of one billion yuan of the scale of production in recent years, in order to promote our city to speed up the upgrading of manufacturing industry, the Petrochemical Park Management Committee (Baijiantan) is from the policy, and other aspects of the development path of supporting manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing park.

Wang Cilan said that the company is working with some technology enterprises in our city planning to set up a new platform for exchanges and cooperation -- the Internet Economy Association, Karamay science and technology information hope enterprises have joined the Federation to the Federation intends to set up a special committee including the intelligent manufacturing, the manufacturing industry to provide technical services for the Karamay smart. Support.