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Machinery manufacturing industry recruitment enterprise recruitment conference just busy

Update Time:2016-12-12 22:27:30

Changsha evening news (reporter Xu Yuan correspondent Wang Yu) name enterprises to attract talent sent to meet the ceremony, two years into the campus recruitment began this year reserve mechanic...... 25, sponsored by the provincial education department "meet Hunan province machinery manufacturing 2017 graduates of the supply and demand of special" held in Hunan Industrial Vocational and technical college. The mechanical manufacturing industry Baotuan massive school recruitment, ambitious, ZOOMLION, China Railway five Bureau, Fujian Benz, Shanghai Volkswagen and other more than and 120 units of Taiwan Murphy, provide jobs amounted to 1.2 million.

"To recruit school machinery manufacturing company, the number of jobs increased significantly, especially the welder positions, has presented the shortage of graduates. Many units in the recruitment site completely eliminates the trial interview link, directly finalized, on the spot and graduates to sign employment agreements." Hunan industrial vocational college enrollment and employment office director Meng Zhengwen said.

ZOOMLION construction machinery group recruitment booth in front of the queue. "Two years ago we suspended the campus recruitment, due to the increase in orders, The Belt and Road 'group to improve the productivity and technical reserves began." The group of concrete machinery company director Yang told reporters.

According to a company official told reporters, by the state to the production capacity, industry transformation and upgrading of environmental impact, the number of workers into the campus now recruit less, high quality requirements of post operation technology continues to increase. A few years ago due to the industry downturn, similar to Sany, ZOOMLION and other machinery manufacturing industry basically stopped the recruitment, enterprise workers are mostly "not only into a". But this year, Sany recruitment volume in the country more than 1000 people, BYD national recruitment of more than 2000 people, the industry appears to pick up the overall recovery trend.

According to statistics, the day a total of more than 10 colleges and universities from the province more than 7000 people into the job, more than 2100 people on the spot to achieve employment intentions.