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Anchorage Agent

Anchorage Agent
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Anchorage Agent

1 implementation standards

MT 146.1-2011 resin anchor rod anchoring agent.

2 product name

Resin anchoring agent.

3 scope of use

The viscous adhesive material made of synthetic resin, accelerator, curing agent and other auxiliary materials according to a certain proportion of synthetic resin anchoring agent, with room temperature fast curing time (speed adjustable), high bonding strength, aging resistance, good durability and other characteristics.

Resin anchoring agent suitable for roadway support, shaft installation, building seismic strengthening, hydropower engineering, highway reinforcement with prestressed anchor bolt net support and equipment foundation and component anchorage, underground powerhouse, tunnel engineering support etc..

5 resin anchoring agent performance index





Compressive Strength


Vibration fatigue

800Million times

shear strength


Poisson's ratio


Bulk density


Storage period

At 20~25 degrees greater than three months

Bond Strength

On concrete>7MPa      On concrete>167MPa

Note: at 22 (+ 1) C ambient temperature, the drilling diameter 23mm anchor length 350mm