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Mining W Steel Belt

mining W steel belt
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W type steel strip is also called the roof steel strip, it is made of high strength alloy steel, W steel and all kinds of bolts are the combination of, and the W is the best choice for weak rock and coal roof. W steel strip is a kind of new mines supporting material, with a thickness of 3-5mm width 180-320mm coil plate, after forming W steel strip, W steel strip, and the middle part is processed in a and bolt spacing equal to the bolt hole W steel strip. And all kinds of bolt combined anchor plate bracket, W steel strip, namely through the W steel strip to decentralized multiple anchor connected to form a whole bearing structure, widely used in coal mine roadway and working face cut eye, cave rooms and other areas of roadway support, on unstable surrounding rock effect is better.

Two, performance characteristics

1, raw materials using high strength alloy steel;

2, with higher steel and strength;

3, W steel strip bending modulus of 54 times;

4. The hardening effect of W steel strip during cold rolling can increase the tensile strength of 28-46%.